WWPass Secure Journal

WWPass Secure Journal allows secure storage of private text in a WWPass Distributed Data Storage container. Secure Journal allows private text to be written, read, edited or deleted and is not accessible without a PassKey. WWPass Secure Journal may be accessed from any internet connected computer when a PassKey is present. The private text may be seen or accessed only by the individual that owns the PassKey.

Open my Secure Journal

How To Use WWPass Secure Journal

  1. Click the "Open my Secure Journal" button above.
  2. Authenticate with your WWPass PassKey by presenting your key and clicking "OK" in the confirmation dialog box.
  3. You may read, write or edit text in your Secure Journal using the simple text editor provided.
  4. Your key must be present at all times while Secure Journal is open, if you remove it the editor will close without saving.
  5. When you are finished you may "Save" or "Quit without Saving".